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Yes. We have a bricks-and-mortar showroom and trade counter in Walthamstow where you can come in and view our products. We also have product displays in our showroom so you can see the products in person and get a feel for which one might be best for your project.

No. We only supply the goods. However, if you contact us we can help point you in the right direction of a competent professional roofer who can carry out the work.

The main things to consider when replacing a roof are the following:

Pitch - to determine what products you can use, determining the pitch of your roof will determine what products, supplies and tools you will need.

Planning - you should always determine whether you require local planning permission before starting a new project and if so, ensure the product you wish to use meets the planning requirements applicable.

Weight - The weight of the product determines what structural support may be required depending on which roofing material you want to use. It could mean the difference between choosing a lighter hard metal over a much heavier slate.

Not necessarily. Just because your roof has a leak, does not mean it needs a completely new roof. Depending on the cause of the leak it could be easily fixed by replacing a loose, or broken roof tile or in the case of a flat roof, by patching the bitumen or membrane. Often only an unsafe roof or a complete roof system failure will require a complete re-fit.

Most new roofing systems are designed to be effective for around 20 years. Some roof types such as slate, clay tile, lead and certain metals, can last much longer. But as with all types of roofs, its longevity is governed by the initial quality of the product and fitting, as well as the care and maintenance it receives over time.

Yes. Relatively but not completely. There are guttering systems available that can be fitted with covers to resolve this problem, however, you should still ensure that your gutters are checked and cleaned on a semi-regular basis as leaves and debris can still accumulate over time.

The tools you will need will entirely depend on the type, size and scope of your roofing project. Sure there are some tools that roofers will benefit from across multiple styles of installs but different roofing systems may require different tools for the job. If you are unsure of what tools you need, we recommend coming in to see us or getting in touch with our experienced staff.

Short answer... there isn't just one. The best roofing material will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as climate, budget, and aesthetics when making your decision and which roof system will perform best for your specifications. If you need help weighing up the pros and cons visit us in-store.


The estimated delivery times will depend on your order requirement, delivery date preferences and location. The best thing we can suggest is to get in touch with our helpful staff who can advise you on the best delivery option to suit your needs.

Yes! Because we hold our own stock a lot of items are available on an express delivery service. Make sure you contact us first though so we can make sure we can satisfy your order, especially if it’s time-critical.

This varies depending on the order, weight, size and location it's going to. Please check with our delivery service team or request a quote.

Yes, of course. We have a warehouse and trade counter where you can collect certain items. Please contact us to find out stock availability and pick-up times.

Not as standard. Our deliveries are generally made on working days. But if you do need an urgent Saturday delivery we will always try and find a way to accommodate your delivery.

Unfortunately due to current issues across the UK logistics and courier network, on rare occasions deliveries can take longer than normal which may impact our customers. However, we hold huge stocks and use our own fleet of vehicles to help avoid such delays and always aim to deliver on the delivery date we provide.

Covered Roofing Supplies cannot accept liability for any personal damages resulting from delays of the goods, including compensation for lost work and exceptional hire charges concerning delays. We strongly advise all customers to not schedule or start work before they are in receipt of the goods due to the current logistics issues.


If you’d like to return a product, please contact our customer services team either by telephone on 0208 365 0203, by using our contact us form, or via email at

If you have mistakenly purchased a product or have changed your mind, and the item is still in its original, unopened and sealed condition, we will happily offer an exchange. Please return the product within 14 days along with your proof of purchase. This may not apply to bespoke or specially ordered items that we cannot return.

Give us a call or come down to our shop and we’d be happy to help answer them for you.