When it comes to Pitched Roofing, we’ve got it covered

At Covered Roofing Supplies, we keep huge stocks of all the pitched roofing products you need to ensure your pitched roof is installed to perfection. From hand-crafted clay tiles, concrete plain tiles, and Welsh and Spanish Slate to Fibre Cement Slates and much, much more. We also supply all related materials such as loft insulation, roofing batten, timber and a range of membranes and vapour barriers so you can get everything you need to complete your pitched roof project and save yourself the hassle of sourcing from multiple suppliers. Covered Roofing Supplies is proud to maintain direct relationships with both Slate quarries and Tile manufacturers to ensure we can provide our customers with the best products at the best value.

Pitched roofing products we supply

Pitched Roofing

The most popular type of roof construction in the UK today is the pitched or gable roof and for good reason. This simple roofing solution easily sheds water towards guttering, which makes it great for high rain or snowfall areas. Add in a roof window or balcony and the additional floor space allows your pitched roof to be easily transformed into a desirable loft conversion.

Built with the right high-quality tiles and materials a pitched roof is also incredibly durable and long-lasting whilst remaining easy on the eye to ensure your home is as aesthetically pleasing as it is well protected against harsh weather conditions.

Pitched Roofing

Benefits of a pitched roof

  • It’s easy to install insulation

    Insulation can be added in the gap between the pitched roof and the flat interior roof for even greater energy savings. It may not always be possible to install roof insulation in a flat-roofed home post-construction.

  • They are strong and resilient

    Pitched roofs can offer far more effective drainage than flat roofs during periods of heavy rain as the water easily drains off a pitched roof, whereas on a flat roof water can build up and pond, especially if the flat roof isn't properly designed with drainage tapered insulation.

  • They're low maintenance

    Pitched roofs are simple to maintain. High-quality roof tiles can last a lifetime, and repairs to roof tiles and gutters are relatively easy and cost-effective.

  • They provide low-cost additional space

    A pitched roof allows for the additional space within the building to be used as a loft for storage or even a further living space, without the costs associated with adding an entirely new storey.

  • They're easy to install solar panels on

    Rooftop solar panels work most efficiently when positioned at an angle. Pitched roofs provide this angle inherently in their design making installing solar panels a simple process without the need for additional brackets or equipment.

Whether your next pitched roof project is big or small, Covered Roofing Supplies stocks a huge range of products and materials so you can find the perfect pitched roofing solution for your needs.

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